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Outdoor & Agricultural

  • Gate Castor


    This castor is designed to help support a gate where either the end of a gate needs support and/or there is some variation in level of ground (3″ maximum compression of spring). Consideration therefore needs to be given as to the location of this castor on the gate. The Gate Castor has a nominal weight loading capacity of 75 kg and is designed to support the gate over it’s travel. Ideally fitted onto a new gate it will help stop the hinges wearing over time. Some customers fit a wear plate into the driveway so that the rubber tyre runs more smoothly.

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  • Light Duty Gate Castor


    Light duty gate castor with a swivel 100mm solid plastic wheel with a plain bore. 57kg Max Loading. 1.5 inch/40mm maximum compression of spring. Silver bright zinc plated finish.

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