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Ergonomic Easy Roll Wheels

Our ‘Ergonomic’ Castor range is exclusively manufactured here in the UK under strict manufacturing conditions. Coldene are the UK’s ONLY manufacturer for Ergonomic castors.
The idea of this range is to make moving heavy loads, easier! The wheel is made with an ‘Ergonomic’ tread which means the tyre is crowned. This makes moving heavy trollies much easier as there is less wheel surface in contact with the floor. These are particularly popular in the Automotive industry, or any other environment where personnel are manoeuvring heavy trolleys for long distances, thus putting less strain on the human body.
The wheel is made with an aluminium core with precision ball bearings fitted. The tyre is a non-marking 92 Shore A Blue Polyurethane tyre, suitable for smooth & semi-rough terrain.
These wheels are available across the range of housing types, Swivel, Swivel Braked and Fixed.
Speak to our sales team today to discuss your requirements. We can also manufacture ‘soft’ ergonomic wheels if being used on a rough surface.
Coldene proudly support British Manufacturing.

  • Ergonomic Easy Roll Wheel


    Ergonomic Easy Roll Polyurethane wheels are made in the UK and designed to reduce rolling resistance, therefore making application easier to manoeuvre, the wheel has a crowned tyre profile and is made with our Coldenemaxithane polyurethane material which offers excellent durability and high load capacities.  In- house we can produce the tyre in different levels of hardness depending on the final application:  call to find out more 01296 431135

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