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Puncture Proof Wheelbarrow Wheels Plastic Center

Coldene’s range of Puncture Proof wheels are becoming extremely popular for a wide range of applications. They feature a steel or plastic core, fitted with a microcellular (puncture-proof) foam filled tyre, which will not puncture. They act as a pneumatic wheel and have the same dampening properties. This series of wheel will prevent any unwanted punctures on your wheel. Perfect for wheel barrows and trolleys used on soft surfaces such as grass.

  • Puncture Proof Pneumatic Wheels Steel Centre


    Puncture proof wheels, “No air or inner tube”  the wheel is moulded using a microcellular material which mimics the properties of rubber, you still benefit from the soft ride  but NO punctures !!!! No sure please call of technical team on 0044 1296 431135

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